Indoor Air Quality & Mold Removal in Inverness, FL

From Comfort Works, Inc., preferred HVAC Contractor

If you or a family member suffers from allergies throughout the year, consider installing improvements to your HVAC system. Comfort Works, Inc. will talk to you about indoor air quality services in Inverness, Florida.

We can install any of an array of options to improve the quality of the air you breathe on a daily basis. Our systems work to reduce mold, mildew and allergens. Call 352-400-8361 today to learn more about mold removal for your Inverness, FL home.

Get the right system for your home

A knowledgeable HVAC contractor will help you find the right system for your home or office. We'll talk to you about:

Electronic media filters

High MERV filters

Duct sanitation

UV lights

We use a fogging machine that kills mold and viruses throughout your home's duct system. Contact Comfort Works, Inc. today for indoor air quality systems in Inverness, FL.