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Bill K

This is the first company that we have done business with in a long time that has finally delivered on the service quality they have promised. Arrived at the scheduled time, and definitely demonstrated attention to detail! The service technician cleaned up everything and put everything back as he found it once his job was complete. I would highly recommend this company, very competitively priced and will certainly be having them to take care of all my air conditioning service needs in the future. Thank you Comfort Works for a great experience!

Luann P

I hired comfort works 2 months ago when my AC stopped working. They came out and told me my drain pipe was plugged up. They unplugged it or so I thought and I paid them. My AC stopped working again and I called my regular repair person and they found out that my drain plug was plugged up again. They had to clean it out 3 times to get it cleaned out. H.E. Smith told me there was a years worth of build up in the drain. Comfort works charged double that the other repair people charged. We called comfort works to work something out a he just blew us off. Find someone else.

Fitz O

I had a bad experience. I had him over to my house a year ago. He said that I had a leek. He could not find it but he ascertained that of there is a leek it is in the tubing that goes from the condenser to the outside unit. He replaced the line and recharged the unit. $450.00. I called him a year later and he said that I still had a leek. He replaced a capacitor and recharged the unit. $206.00. I called him 2 weeks later and he recharged the unit and checked for leaks. He could not find a leak. He did not charge me. I called him again and he said that he would recharge the unit but would bill me for the service. I am out $656.00 and nothing has been fixed. I told him that I was unhappy and he said that I should find another AC repair company. This person does not know what he is doing and is costing me money. He does not show a State License number. I am going to check if he is certified and complain to the State of Florida Consumers Division.

Marco G

5 stars